TquanT Shiny Apps Gallery

This page contains Shiny apps developed by students at the TquanT seminars. For educational purposes, the source code is shown with the apps.

More apps have been developed by the TquanT partners.


2016 seminar

Knowledge space application

Linear mixed models

Probability updating: Frog example

Model Comparison: Linear models with mixed-effects

Bayesian and frequentist t-test

Bayesian correlation

Pizza app: Illustration of the Bayes factor

Two more apps were written by the students at the Lisbon Seminar 2016 which cannot be shown here due to compatibility issues with more recent R and shiny versions. However, both apps were extended by consortium partners and can be accessed in that extended version: James-Stein-Estimator and Intraclass Correlations.

2017 seminar

Check Your Stats!

Dynamic Fitting


Estimating TWIN

Signal Detection

Linear Mixed Effects Model

Mixed Models: Random Effects

Model Comparison

Estimation of Knowledge Structures

Knowledge Space Theory



2018 seminar

Monte Carlo Data Visualization & Comparison

Machine Learning

Validating Knowledge Structures

Crossmodal Response Enhancement

Power Rangers Simulation App

Exploring Probability Distributions

A Tutorial on Item Response Theory

A Tutorial on Distirbutions as Urn Problems

Network Models

Model Comparison

Parameter Estimation with Maximum Likelihood

Data Input & Visualization

Analyzing a CSV File

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